• The Sacred Tomb of Apaq Khoja
    This mausoleum is considered the holiest site in Xinjiang. The Sacred Tomb of Apaq Khoja
  • The Id Kah Mosque
    The largest mosque in China accommodating over 10,000 worshipers weekly. The Id Kah Mosque
  • Mount Muztagh Ata
    The view of Mt. Muztagh Ata from Karakul Lake in Xinjiang. Mount Muztagh Ata
  • The Flaming Mountains
    Beautiful, barren and eroded red sandstone hills spreading just east of Turpan. The Flaming Mountains
  • Urumqi Grand Bazaar
    A culturally rich international bazaar in Urumqi, China. Urumqi Grand Bazaar
  • Shipton's Arch
    The world's highest natural arch standing over 1200 feet high. Shipton's Arch

Border Crossings

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We work together on a daily basis with our partners in Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan to ensure smooth crossings for entrance into or exit from China.

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Adventure Tours

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With its great diversity in landscape, including mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, glaciers, and grasslands, Xinjiang is a great place for adventurers to explore.

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Join a tour group to receive special tour discounts on your adventure! Take advantage of great prices on some of our more popular tours and experience Xinjiang at a discounted rate.

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My brothers and I started Abdul Wahab Tours in the year 2000 out of a desire to share our beloved homeland and culture with the world. Growing up in a small village in Xinjiang, we didn’t realize until we were adults just how special Xinjiang really is. Each oasis town, dessert village, and mountain hamlet is unique displaying different customs, ethnic groups, and folklore.

Xinjiang is truly one of the last places on earth where you can see ancient cultures still functioning as they have for thousands of years almost untouched by modern life. Our desire is to show our amazing homeland to the world in a way that respects it and preserves it for future generations.

Our aim is different from that of other tour agencies in that we desire to provide our guests with a quality experience of a lifetime by organizing tours that take you off the beaten path, where you'll see the real life of our people and the unique culture of our homeland.

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