My brothers and I started Old Road Tours in the year 2000 out of a desire to share our beloved homeland and culture with the world. We grew up in a typical small village in Xinjiang and we didn’t realize until we were grown, just how special it really was. Each oasis town, desert village, and mountain hamlet in Xinjiang is unique, each with its own customs, ethnic groups, and folklore.

Xinjiang is truly one of the last places on earth where you can see ancient cultures still functioning as they have for thousands of years, almost untouched by modern life. Our desire is to show our amazing homeland to the world in a way that respects it and preserves it for future generations. While other tours may be cheaper, or more focused on the main tourist attractions and shopping centers of the region, our aim is to provide our guests with the experience of a lifetime.

Our priorities are to provide high quality, high value tours that will take you beyond the tourist traps and into the lives and landscape of the real Xinjiang. Each of us has committed ourselves to learn not only the history of our homeland but also the foreign languages needed to share that knowledge with the world (We currently offer tours in English, French, German, Mandarin, and Uyghur).

Whether we are leading a group to the base camp of K2 or camping under the stars as we camel trek across the Taklamakan, whether we are having tea with a Kyrgyz family in a yurt or taking in the sights and sounds at a local Uyghur Bazaar, we try to showcase Xinjiang in a way that is both protective of the environment and is respectful of the local culture. It is my belief that when you travel you are making an investment. You are making an investment in your life and future as you will come away a changed person, but you are also making an investment into the lives of the peoples and places you visit.

It is our goal to make sure that you receive the greatest return on your investment possible. Now that I am a father, I realize even more just how important that investment is. At Old Road Tours we hope to leave behind a heritage for your children and mine.

all the Best,

Abdul Wahab


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