From off-the-beaten-trail markets and village bike rides to horse cart rides and home-stays, experience local life as it has been for decades in the remote areas of Xinjiang.

Dancing, Instruments, & Performances
You won't want to miss out on seeing the amazing musical talent of Uyghurs!
Sipping Tea at a Local Teahouse
Take a moment to sit, relax, and enjoy a cup of tea at one of Xinjiang's teahouses.
Cooking Lessons / Meal in Local Home
After tasting the local food in Xinjiang, you'll want to know how to cook it yourself when you return home!
Yurt Stay
Experience the real life of Xinjiang nomads by having dinner in or staying overnight in a local yurt.
Spend the night in a local's home for a real life Xinjiang experience you are sure to remember for a life time!
Working in the Fields
Come get some hard labor in while on your tour to see what real Xinjiang life is like without all the modern technology of the Western world!
Language Lessons
Come learn some Uyghur and see the look of surprise and delight on locals' faces as you try to communicate with them!
Sand Dune Fun!
Slide down a sand dune or take a ride in a dune buggy.
Attend a Local Wedding
Experience real life local culture as you take part in a wedding or other local activity.
Bike / Motorbike / Cart Tour
Take a ride through a nearby village the local way - on a bike, motorbike, or donkey/horse cart!
Village Markets and Bazaars
Step out of the city and into the village on bazaar day for a real life experience!
Dancing and Music Lessons
Love music? Come learn some from local Uyghurs, known for having a natural talent for music and dancing.