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Come join us as we study the rich customs and practices of an ancient culture! Whether you are planning a tour to Xinjiang or just hoping to get to know its history and culture a little better, then you've reached the right place. We are currently in the process of developing this section to provide ongoing and updated information.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to add new material.  

Food is an important part of Uyghur life and culture. Take your cultural understanding to the next level by learning to cook alongside a local cook who will teach you how to make all of the Uyghur favorite dishes. These lessons can be done in one day or spread over several days during your other touring.
Uyghur Recipes, Food Related Customs, Famous Fruits/Nuts of Xinjiang
Spoken by more than 10 million people and being part of the Turkish language family, anyone who speaks Uyghur can travel from Northwest China across Central Asia to Turkey with the ability to communicate with locals all along the way!
From birth to death, the Uyghurs have some very unique cultural practices. Learn more about the major rites of passages Uyghurs participate in together here.
We at Old Road Tours strive to help you see Xinjiang as it truly is in real life. Let us help arrange some non-touristy adventures you are sure to never forget.
From rolling grasslands to majestic mountains, the vast area of Xinjiang displays many natural wonders.
Bodies of Water, MORE TO COME!
Many cities in Xinjiang belong to the Silk Road Trade Route and are full of culture and history. There are many historical, religious, natural, and cultural sites to see throughout Xinjiang.
Primarialy a Muslim people, most festivals and holidays of the Uyghurs are related to their religious beliefs.