Try some of our favorites: big plate of chicken, polo, suykash, noodles, and much more!

Polo (Steamed Rice with Carrots and Meat)
Polo is a popular dish all across Central Asia almost acting as a main staple, plus it's delicious!
Big Plate of Chicken (DaPanJi)
This is a Hui dish of chicken and potatoes that is a favorite of most people - once you taste it you'll know why!
Suykash (soup) [aka:Tangfan]
This is another known Hui meal that Uyghurs love and it is a quick and easy meal that is great for cold winter days!
Eggplant Dish (HongShao Qiezi)
Though this is not considered a Uyghur dish, in China you will find a lot of different, delicious fried dishes.
Potato Dish (Hongshao TuDou)
Like potatoes? Try this easy and delicious dish!
Qigirtma ("Chicken omelet")
Not a traditional Uyghur dish, in fact not sure of its origins! But it's simple and delicious, so give it a try!
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