What better place to learn Uyghur than in Kashgar--the heart of Uyghur culture.

Basic Lesson
Learn some useful Uyghur phrases and words.
Basic Lesson - 2
Learn some more useful phrases and words.
Written Forms
See the different written forms of the Uyghur language still used today.
Uyghur Textbook
Getting started! An affordable textbook that can be used for self-study or in a classroom setting.
Alphabet Picture Chart
See a common picture used for learning the Uyghur alphabet.
A list of different resources and websites for learning Uyghur.
Top 5 Reasons to Learn Uyghur
A brochure by Indiana University on why you should study Uyghur.
Learn Uyghur with Old Road Tours
Learn the Uyghur language and culture by experiencing it for yourself!
Universities Offering Uyghur Courses
Check out some universities that offer Uyghur courses.